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Literacy Measurement:
A Holistic Framework

This framework provides users with resources, background research, methodologies and discussion around relevant dimensions of measurement for literacy, drawing on and compiling existing materials from a wide variety of sources.

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Designing or re-designing your literacy program's measurement plan? This framework provides you with relevant dimensions for measuring your literacy program's performance and learners' literacy outcomes. It also contains helpful how to's for measurement. Under each dimension, you will find an overview along with resources, background research, methodologies and discussion from a wide variety of sources. Each dimension also contains framing questions which will help you apply the resources provided to the unique age groups, literacy levels and geographic contexts you serve.  
  • Advocate for a holistic approach to literacy measurement that includes not only the science of reading, but other, potentially difficult to measure, but equally important dimensions.
  • Provide practical resources and guidance around measurement for practitioners and evaluators.
  • Encourage collaboration and discussion within the literacy community around approaches to measurement.
This framework contains resources and best practices that are relevant across age groups, literacy levels and geographies, and is designed to be relevant for implementers and evaluators of literacy programs who are looking for guidance around a monitoring and evaluation strategy for their program.  The framework may be most relevant for organizations doing work in developing countries or underresourced settings, however those working in other environments may also find utility in the framework and its corresponding resources.

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The resources in the framework were compiled with the help of our steering committee, partners, and community members, and efforts will be made to update it periodically. If you have something to add, please fill out the form below.

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